Flexible PVC weather screens protect your outdoor spaces from wind, rain, dust, snow, and insects. They significantly prolong the outdoor season and fit perfectly into any form of window opening. The most typical spaces our customers protect are terraces and verandas, canopies, pergolas, barbecue houses, porches, and even balconies.


Flexible PVC weather screens protect your outdoor spaces from wind, rain, dust, snow, and insects. They significantly prolong the outdoor season and fit perfectly into any form of window opening. The most typical spaces our customers protect are terraces and verandas, canopies, pergolas, barbecue houses, porches, and even balconies.

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  • Frost resistance to -40 °C
  • UV-resistance
  • Withstands strong winds due to its flexibility
  • Absolutely quiet
  • Light transmission 95%


  • Can be rolled up or taken down
  • Absolutely safe
  • Custom design according to your needs
  • Various types of installation
  • No planning permission required


  • Does not collect dust
  • Easy to clean with water and regular soap


  • Design it yourself and order directly from our webshop
  • Install it yourself or hire a local contractor
  • Enjoy the ease of the system


Before you get down to planning your own terrace protection, watch this video to get to know the product better. The features of the Pikkuna system are best understood with the help of a How-To video, filmed by a dealer of ours, Taloon.com. Janne demonstrates material properties and explains, how Pikkuna is measured, ordered and installed. There are also crash tests! Watch and fall in love with our durable weather screens!

Get inspired by the example projects and plan your own!

Get inspired by the example projects and plan your own!

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Cindy FriedrichCindy Friedrich
22:15 08 Jul 24
I'm very satisfied, I've already bought 2 windows and am thinking about whether I should buy the patio door too, great product
Peter Van Den AbbeelePeter Van Den Abbeele
10:29 27 Jun 24
05:35 27 Jun 24
Super fast delivery. Very good quality at a reasonable price
marc ismenimarc ismeni
21:26 25 Jun 24
I will order for the other two sides
Jani PaasonenJani Paasonen
07:00 25 Jun 24
Fast delivery. The product was exactly as promised. Carefully packaged and easy to install. Can't help but recommend.
Sonja PauwelsSonja Pauwels
09:48 14 Jun 24
Alfonso Bolin DomecqAlfonso Bolin Domecq
19:46 10 Jun 24
Very good service and quality of the product, thank you
Carsten SchmidtCarsten Schmidt
21:37 06 Jun 24
Fast delivery, perfect fit and good quality.
rudy vertongenrudy vertongen
08:51 04 Jun 24
Madleine WeißenbornMadleine Weißenborn
12:15 31 May 24
Ordering on the website was very easy. Enter the measured sizes and you would get the price calculated and a drawing of the finished product. The delivery was also quick. Secondly, we were able to quickly install the windows that were delivered without any problems. We are very satisfied and would order again at any time and recommend the products to friends.
Bertus HamhuisBertus Hamhuis
10:33 20 May 24
Conclusion: excellentClear site, ordering was super easy and fast delivery. TOP
Jörgen SöderlundJörgen Söderlund
07:14 20 May 24
Easy to order and fast delivery
Thierry DelpuechThierry Delpuech
07:11 20 May 24
Very good product and very good quality.I recommend.
Stefan TellmannStefan Tellmann
06:24 20 May 24
Everything was great, from advice to delivery.Gladly again, only to recommend
michel foutreynmichel foutreyn
19:53 17 May 24
very good product of good quality
Anthony KellyAnthony Kelly
18:06 14 May 24
Fantastic fit we ate delighted with it.Kind Regards.Anthony Kelly.
Michael SchmidtMichael Schmidt
13:34 10 May 24
Patrick PonchauxPatrick Ponchaux
07:13 08 May 24
Tomas ErikssonTomas Eriksson
08:13 06 May 24
Stylish and good fit.
Cy ColCy Col
07:22 04 May 24
Super happy with the Pikkuna tarpaulin, too bad the turnstiles are poorly suited to the straps (too thick)
Rene KesslerRene Kessler
16:48 01 May 24
Fast processing of the applicationFast deliveryAll measurements taken precisely and fits perfectlyI can only recommend
Tapani TissariTapani Tissari
05:42 01 May 24
The system works well when you get there. The situation is very clear and the delivery is fast to my home.
Per HellbergPer Hellberg
16:02 30 Apr 24
sami petmansami petman
03:53 29 Apr 24
Sharon CoxSharon Cox
07:49 26 Apr 24
I was a bit skeptical about purchasing something online. Did a bit of research and read past reviews. From Finland to Ireland. I'm delighted I purchased from Pikkuna. My pergola is so much more useable now. We have spent every evening in it... so easy to install and very good quality... I 100 per cent recommend Pikkuna... you won't be disappointed..
Paul CuquemellePaul Cuquemelle
06:53 25 Apr 24
nice product, good quality at first glance, now we will see in time
Olivier GheeraertOlivier Gheeraert
08:02 23 Apr 24
Henri GersonHenri Gerson
05:51 23 Apr 24
Dirk EpplerDirk Eppler
04:17 23 Apr 24
Very good quality at a fair price
Mats SparrMats Sparr
11:53 10 Mar 24
Great product that fits perfectly. A little difficult getting the drawings right. I would highly recomend the product. I use it for my outdoor kitchen.
Hugo WassbakkHugo Wassbakk
13:42 29 Feb 24
Solid system
Anthony DurninAnthony Durnin
13:18 08 Nov 23
Very happy with the screens. High quality product and after two storms since I installed them I had no problems.Would highly recommend them.
Richard SlomanRichard Sloman
08:09 20 Oct 23
We have nothing but praise for the company and the workmanship. We received our product a few weeks after the plans were confirmed, fitted them and found that they were perfect, makes a huge difference to our outdoor entertainment area particularly as we live in a very wet country (Ireland). Looking forward to many years of great entertaining outdoors...
Jacob AdamsJacob Adams
15:24 28 Sep 23
Excellent service. The product is exactly what I wanted. Thanks
Dmytro LytovchenkoDmytro Lytovchenko
13:37 28 Sep 23
Ordered this April and installed over following months. Great craftsmanship and quality, pleasure doing business with these people.
Sami SundbergSami Sundberg
09:40 04 Mar 23
Easy to install and a neat mark. Everything you need will be included. I was skeptical myself, but when I saw it live, my opinion changed immediately.In the picture, size 3850 x 540, when I was little, it cost 200e delivered home, VAT 24%.The equivalent of 4mm glass would have cost more than 500e, including freight, delivered to my home. And you don't just take the glass off in the summer heat.
Mikael SjöholmMikael Sjöholm
11:54 27 Feb 23
Fast delivery and nice customer service, gave good tips about installation
Liisa ParviainenLiisa Parviainen
09:33 17 Feb 23
The little one works great. The delivery was fast, the installation really easy and the instructions clear. All the necessary parts were included and the material was of high quality. We installed Pikkuna on one of the "walls" of the open fire shelter as wind protection and it works well. I recommend :)
Helena KuismaHelena Kuisma
04:57 17 Feb 23
A great and affordable alternative to glazing. The snow is gone from the terrace and the winds don't cool the walls.
Tapio TiittanenTapio Tiittanen
16:50 16 Feb 23
Excellent customer service, advice and fast manufacturing and delivery. We lived near the factory and the products fit in the car because of the dimensions, so it was agreed that we could pick them up from the factory. Please note: 1. You measure yourself according to the given and clear instructions! 2. When you have accepted the dimensions, and already had time/ready for production, no refunds = Made-to-order product! Excellent customer service and information, they manufacture our products quickly and was also quick delivery (delivery is another company's job). ATTENTION: 1. It's Your job, measurements needed parts, there's very good helping and told how to do it. 2. After the company is sending pictures of your order/orders, and U have been checked OK, there isn't refund the money because that's custom made products!
Tapio VasaraTapio Vasara
16:10 16 Feb 23
The heating costs of the garage were reduced when I installed Pikkuna in front of the big door and sealed its edges as well.
Karsten H. BrønnumKarsten H. Brønnum
21:31 22 Jan 23
I very rarely give 5 stars as there should always be room for the extraordinary, the better than expected.This is one of the rare cases. Perfect product, speedy delivery and follow-up and impressive after service. Great job! My unconditioned recommendation.
Great solution! I am satisfied with the result.

Various Types of Material

Achilles film is manufactured in Japan and North America and is renowned for offering the highest brightness and durability available anywhere in the world. We use only reliable materials in our production to achieve the best possible quality.

  • Frost resistance to -40 °C
  • UV-resistance
  • Withstands strong winds due to its flexibility
  • Light transmission 95 % - does not dim over time

The clear 750 micron PVC sheet is ideal for areas with only a few sunny days per year. The UV-stabilised PVC film remains clear for a long time with minimal discolouration, even in the most severe weather conditions. The material allows over 87.5% of light to pass through and blocks approximately 90% of harmful UV radiation.


More functionality! With all the benefits of the classic PVC film, this stylish tinted version protects your spaces from the sun's heat and provides privacy!


The extremely durable, wire-reinforced fly screen performs many functions at once: it protects against insects, sunlight and provides partial privacy while keeping your premises well ventilated. It can even withstand a pet attack!

Mounting Types

  • Flexible PVC weather screens from Pikkuna are really easy to install on all wooden frames and usually do not require a separate frame
  • If an additional frame is needed, we recommend using 48×48 or similar wooden boards. The edge width of the Pikkuna element is only 5 cm
  • Please note it is possible to choose the appropriate mounting type for each Pikkuna edge
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Don't put up with limited access and order a zip door panel from us. It can be as wide as the door opening will allow. State the width of the desired door and the distance from the left edge of the opening to the door when viewed from the outside. The colour of the zipper depends on the colour of the edges and can be white or black. Of course, the door can be conveniently rolled up!

Edge Colours

The width of the edging depends on the type of installation and is usually 5 cm or 8 cm. This width is either included in or added to the internal dimensions of the opening, depending on the type of mounting chosen for a particular side. The colour options are white, brown, grey, black and beige.

Be Convinced by the QUALITY

Order FREE sample and let the quality convince you!

It is always better to touch something once than to see it a hundred times in photos and videos. That’s why we offer free samples to everyone who is interested in getting to know Pikkuna better.


How to order?



In the case of rectangular or trapeze-shaped elements, you can calculate the price and order directly in the Webshop.

Click the "GENERATE DRAWING" button on the product page to preview the drawings of the element before adding them to your shopping cart. After selecting all the elements you want, create the final drawing at checkout and review all details once again before confirming your order. Your order will proceed directly to the production queue without a separate approval stage for the drawings.

Please note that the price calculated in the Webshop is the cheapest possible because the price does not include a separate design fee.

If you want to order Pikkuna weather shields in a special shape or if you need special features to be taken into account (e.g. a particular location of the fittings), please make a drawing on a piece of paper and send it to us. We will then calculate a separate quotation and our designer will draw the images of the products cleanly, taking into account your wishes.


Next, you will receive a final drawing from us based on the dimensions you have provided. After you have checked the order, and made any necessary corrections, you approve the drawing. Once the drawing has been approved, we will manufacture your order.


Our delivery time varies from a week to a month depending on the season. Your order will be delivered to your address using our shipping company.


Note that a good result depends largely on how well you have installed the elements. In fact, good and even tension is the most important thing when installing Pikkuna. Make sure you read the installation manual and watch the tips in the demo video!


Bring a sense of natural beauty back to your outside space!

Handcrafted landscape stones made of fiberglass are designed to decorate manhole covers, septic tanks, wells, and other engineering and technical communication objects that should be easily accessible for maintenance. 

Check this out!

Pikkuna Tablecloth

The much sought-after quality by-product of Pikkuna is now for sale! A custom-made furniture cover is made to fit the dimensions of your surfaces. The 0.75mm thick scratch-resistant and UV-protected material will protect your furniture all year round, even outdoors.


Contact us

If you need a custom-shaped element, please send us your drawings using the form below.

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