Pikkuna elements are really easy to install on all wooden frames and usually do not require a separate frame

If there is no frame for an edge, we recommend installing a minimum of 5cm x 5cm wooden planks

Please note it is possible to choose the appropriate mounting type for each Pikkuna edge

Mounting using Turn buttons

Turn buttons are the most typical mounting method and allow you to mount Pikkuna elements on the top beam and pillars of your terrace. This method of attachment allows optimal tensioning of the element during installation, which affects the final look of the end result.

In addition, by opening the turning buttons, you can dispatch / roll up the Pikkuna element.

At least 5 cm is required for the installation of the turn buttons, which corresponds to the width of the edging.

Each turn button is attached with the two screws supplied.

The colors of the turn buttons correspond to the color range of the edges: white, black, brown, gray and beige.

Installation manual
Hooks mounting

Hook mounting is a great choice when the top or side edge of a Pikkuna element needs to be installed at a 90-degree angle to a wall, pillar or ceiling. This is usually the case when, for example, the top beam and the pillars are not in the same plane and for some reason you do not want to build an additional frame.

However, it is worth noting that the hook fastening cannot be applied at both / opposite edges of the element, the tensioning of the element is not successful in this case and the element does not stay in place in windy weather. We recommend choosing a pair of turn buttons or Velcro fastening methods on the opposite side of the hook mounting.

Installation manual

New! This mounting type has only just entered our range and has proven to be a very fast and efficient fastening method. Velcro sticker is a sturdy double-sided adhesive tape with one side pre-sewn at the factory to the edge of the element. With a standard stapler, you attach the ribbon to the opposite body and that’s it! So the installation is really modest and fast!

Please note that the Velcro can only be mounted on a wooden frame. The stapling density of the opposite side of the strip is 2 rivets / 10cm. We recommend using only weather-resistant galvanized rivets.

The Velcro sticker can be removed and attached an unlimited number of times. Available in white and black.

Installation manual
Fixed mounting with screws

The screw fastening allows the Pikkuna element to be mounted to the wooden or metal frame and requires a 5 cm support area.

This method of attachment is used for permanent attachment or when other mounting methods are not possible for one reason or another. For example, when Pikkuna is not planned to be completely dismantled but rolled up in summer, screws are used to secure the top edge.

The screw fastening can also be used with the zipper, so that the element can be further rolled up and down by opening the zipper.

Installation manual
Weight pouch

A typical mounting type when the Pikkuna element borders the floor of the terrace. In that case, a so-called weight pouch is made at the bottom of the element, in which a cut-out weight bar is placed. Its function is to stretch the element downwards vertically. Please note that the standard height of the pocket 8cm is included in the free height of the opening and does not need to be considered separately. The measure is included automatically during product ordering.

Installation manual