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Updated 21.8.2023

Suomen Pehmeä Ikkuna OY (business ID 1715613-2) sells products to private individuals in the European region. We reserve the right to change delivery terms and prices.

Contact information for the online shop

General information

Pikkuna.fi is a product manufacturer and online store, where the seller of the products is Suomen Pehmeä Ikkuna Oy (business ID 1715613-2, Teollisuustie 10, 54800 Savitaipale). The trade agreement between the customers and Pikkuna.fi is primarily governed by these terms and conditions and in other respects by Finnish consumer legislation for consumer customers and the Finnish Trade Act for business customers.

Pikkuna.fi is not liable for any defective product, delay in delivery or other breach of contract caused by a circumstance beyond Pikkuna.fi's control (force majeure). Even in such a situation, Pikkuna.fi will endeavour to serve the customer in the best possible way and will inform the customer of the force majeure without delay.

Pikkuna.fi reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at its discretion without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering. The current terms and conditions are available on the Pikkuna.fi website.

Dispute settlement

In the event of a dispute between the parties concerning the transaction or these terms and conditions, the parties will seek to resolve the dispute through negotiation in the first instance. If the parties are unable to reach an amicable negotiated settlement, the dispute shall be settled by the Helsinki District Court in Finland. However, the consumer-customer may bring the dispute before the general lower court or the consumer dispute board in his place of residence. To bring the case before the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer-customer should contact the Consumer Assistance Centre. kuluttajariitalautakunnan ratkaistavaksi. Asian saattamiseksi vireille kuluttajariita-lautakuntaan, tulee kuluttaja-asiakkaan ottaa yhteys kuluttajaneuvontaan.

Ordering a product

The customer should carefully read the product information before ordering. All product information can be found on the Pikkuna.fi website.

A binding order is created when the customer sends the order from the online shop or in writing by confirming the order by e-mail. The customer is advised to check the contents of his/her order carefully before confirming the order, accepting the terms and conditions and paying. The customer understands and accepts that the order is subject to a payment obligation.

Pikkuna.fi will send the order confirmation and product drawings to the email address provided by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to check that the order confirmation and the drawings correspond to the content of the order. Checking of the drawings must be completed within 2 weeks of receipt of the order at the latest, after which the order will automatically be placed in the production queue. The customer may, on a case-by-case basis, agree separately with the customer service department on changes to the content of the order, even for a longer period.

Pikkuna.fi has the right not to accept the order. Pikkuna.fi may refuse to accept an order, for example, because the product or a substitute product is no longer available.

When shopping at Pikkuna.fi, the customer must always provide correct and complete information about himself/herself. The information required includes name, e-mail address and telephone number, postal address and, separately, delivery address if the products are delivered to a different address. In addition, the customer must provide full technical information about the products when placing an order. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

Custom-made products

Pikkuna.fi sells products that can be cut to size based on the customer's order, and the customer selects the size, colour, etc. in the online shop when placing the order before adding the product to the shopping cart. Pikkuna.fi shall not be liable for any errors made by the customer in the selection. The customer must always check the order confirmation received and the images of the products sent to the customer within two weeks of placing the order. Once the customer has confirmed the drawings of the products, the order will go to the production queue. If within two weeks the customer has not confirmed the drawings, Pikkuna.fi reserves the right to manufacture and send the order to the customer based on the dimensions and other characteristics indicated by the customer.

Custom-made products manufactured by Pikkuna.fi can also be ordered by e-mail or otherwise, e.g. by telephone, in which case the seller will make an offer for the product according to the customer's wishes. The offer is sent to the customer by e-mail and its validity period is indicated on the offer.

If the customer wishes to make changes to a custom-made product at a stage when the customer has already accepted the order or the product is already in production, such changes may increase the price quoted or may not be feasible for technical reasons and the customer may have to order a new product. Any additional costs arising from any changes made after the order has been placed will be charged to the customer. Custom-made products are non-refundable.

Prices and payment

Product prices are valid until further notice or for a specified period. Products will be charged at the price in force at the time of ordering, as indicated in the shopping basket and order confirmation.

If there has been an error in the price indicated in the online shop, Pikkuna.fi is not bound by the price. In clear cases of price error, Pikkuna.fi may claim an error if the error was so obvious that the customer should have understood that there was an error. Pikkuna.fi reserves the right to cancel an order in cases of obvious product or price errors.

reserves the right to cancel an order in cases of obvious product or price errors. Prices include VAT when the delivery address of the order is within the European Union. If the order is placed from outside the EU, for example from Norway or the United Kingdom, the prices of the products do not include VAT, but the customer must pay it (including customs duty) to the local customs or transport company on arrival of the order. The prices of the products do not include delivery and handling charges, which are indicated separately both immediately at the time of ordering and in the order confirmation sent to the customer.

Pikkuna.fi may occasionally offer various discount codes to its customers. In general, discount codes only give you a discount on products, not on delivery costs. Discount codes may be subject to product-specific restrictions. As a general rule, a customer can only use the same discount code once. To qualify for a discount, the discount code must be valid at the time of ordering and must be registered at the time of ordering. The discount cannot be activated retrospectively. Only one discount code can be used for a single order. In the event of a return, the conditions of the discount code will be checked.

The order will be paid in full using the payment methods available at the end of the ordering process. Once the payment transaction has been approved, the customer's order is sent from the online shop to the Pikkuna.fi processing stage. The payment is transmitted via an SSL-encrypted communication link, thus protecting the payment and the customer's data in a way that is generally considered secure in the industry.

If the customer does not have access to any of the indicated payment methods, the customer can place the order via Pikkuna.fi customer service by e-mail or telephone. In this case, the customer service representative will enter the order in the system and send an advance invoice to the customer's e-mail address. By paying the invoice, the customer confirms his/her order and accepts its contents. The order is processed once the payment has been credited to Pikkuna.fi's account.

Product availability and delivery delays

Pikkuna.fi strives to provide up-to-date and correct information about the products available in the online store, but cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the information, or the availability or sufficiency of the products sold. Certain products are manufactured only seasonally or in limited quantities, or may otherwise be temporarily out of stock.

If the delivery of products is delayed beyond the estimated time, Pikkuna.fi will endeavour to inform the customer of the delay using the contact details provided by the customer and provide the customer with a new estimate of the time of delivery of the product. The customer will be deemed to have accepted the new estimate of the delivery date if the customer does not, without delay after receiving the notification, request cancellation of the order due to the delay in delivery. If, after placing the order, it becomes apparent that the ordered product is temporarily or permanently out of stock, Pikkuna.fi will inform the customer as soon as possible.

If the ordered product is not available at all, Pikkuna.fi will refund the customer the full price already paid for the ordered product, and the transaction will be considered as an cancellation for that product.

Products ordered from Pikkuna.fi are, as a rule, delivered directly from its factory. Pikkuna.fi shall not be liable for any damage caused by delayed delivery or cancellation of the transaction. However, consumer customers are entitled to claim their rights under the Consumer Protection Act due to delays in the delivery of products. Pikkuna.fi is not liable for delays if the delivery is delayed or the order cannot be delivered at all for reasons attributable to the customer (e.g. the customer has provided incorrect contact details).


Pikkuna.fi delivers to delivery addresses in Europe, excluding poste restante addresses. The estimated delivery time and method of delivery of products are product-specific and will be indicated on the product card.

Products delivered to the home will be transported to the destination address, but delivery does not include, for example, moving the product upstairs in the building or carrying it inside. Large products will be delivered next to the delivery truck at a location accessible by the transport equipment (from full trailer to van) required to carry each type of product, unless otherwise indicated in the product information on the product card. The customer will be contacted before delivery. For products to be delivered to a pick-up point (Posti or Matkahuolto), the customer will be notified by e-mail and/or SMS when the order can be picked up. If the order contains products from different manufacturers, they will be delivered separately.

Packages not collected from the collection point and packages that the customer has refused to accept will be returned to Pikkuna.fi. In this case, Pikkuna.fi is entitled to charge the customer for the costs incurred in returning the product.

Pikkuna.fi is responsible for any damage to or loss of products under transport ordered from Pikkuna.fi.

Product inspection, complaints, liability and warranty

Product inspection and transport damage

Once the customer has received the delivery, he/she must check without delay that the products delivered are intact and otherwise free of defects. If the goods are delivered directly to the customer by the carrier, it is advisable to be at home when the goods arrive. The customer should check on receipt of the goods that the delivery is in conformity with the accompanying transport document (consignment note/shipping note) and is undamaged.

If the customer discovers any damage in transit, he should make a note of this in the transport document. In the absence of any entry in the transport document, the customer remains liable for defects which are already apparent at the time of delivery. In addition, the customer must file a complaint with Pikkuna.fi's customer service without delay after noticing the defect.

Complaints and liability for errors

If the customer discovers that the product is defective or broken, a complaint must be made without delay. Under the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer customer has the right to report the defect within two months of its discovery. The customer is obliged to present proof of purchase (receipt/confirmation of order) with the complaint. Complaints will only be dealt with in writing.

If a defect is confirmed in the product, Pikkuna.fi has the primary right to correct the defect within a reasonable period of time or to replace the product with a faultless product. Pikkuna.fi shall be liable for any defect in the product in accordance with the statutory liability for defects. For business customers, Pikkuna.fi is not liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or loss of income caused by the product and/or service.

Pikkuna.fi's liability does not cover damage to the product after delivery, normal wear and tear of the product, or damage caused by use of the product contrary to the instructions for use and care, maintenance or repair work carried out by anyone other than Pikkuna.fi.


Pikkuna.fi gives a 2 year warranty on its products. The customer is obliged to consult the service instructions on the product's website before using the product.

The warranty for products ordered from Pikkuna.fi is evidenced by the order confirmation received at the time of ordering.

Return of order and refund

The conditions set out in this section apply only to consumer customers. Business customers are not entitled to a refund.

Right of return (right of cancellation)

Pikkuna.fi does not accept returns of products made to the customer's own measurements or otherwise customized for the customer. Please also note that the installed product is an approved product. These restrictions are based on the Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 6, Section 16).

Failure to collect or refusal to accept the product does not cancel the order or imply the exercise of the right of return. Any return costs incurred as a result of non-collection will be charged to the customer. If the product is broken or defective, or if the product delivered is incorrect, the customer must contact customer service to arrange for the repair, replacement or return of the product.

Pikkuna.fi does not offer a separate right of exchange. If the customer wishes to exchange the product ordered, this will be treated as a new order.

Processing of personal data and cookies

Pikkuna.fi processes customers' personal data in the manner permitted and required by the applicable personal data legislation.

Pikkuna.fi's online store uses cookies.